Design Books for Sale

Based in the UK? Like design, books, design books, book design?

I’ve got just what you need. I’m selling a few of my design books. These are all top notch and have served me well (some since the uni days). Today I’m all digital and sadly have no room for a physical book collection. I want to see them given a good home. Do that for me, please.

Books and Prices

I’m selling for around 50% off Amazon’s listing price:

How to Buy

Contact me: [email protected] with the subject “Book Sale” or something equally relevant. Let me know which books you want (and at what price).

Payment / Shipping / Collection

UK ONLY. Bank transfer, or PayPal as a very last resort. Cash if you’re collecting in person. Postage & packaging will be £2–5 per book (more for some of the heavier ones), I’ll calculate depending on which books you want. We can haggle on a group discount. You can also collect for free if you’re London based (EC2 or nearby). Please note all books are obviously second hand but in decent condition. They’ve been on a shelf for a long time. In your interested I can take a few pictures and note any visual wear & tear (if any).

Student? No extra discount! Because let’s face it you’re blowing half your loan on booze; I’m sure you can spare a few pennies for a guy who’s paying his back. If you’re willing to buy and collect 3 or more books I’ll answer as many questions on the design industry over a free lunch.

Author? I know a few of you listed above have visited my blog. Firstly, your book was amazing that’s why I own it! Secondly, I’ll buy you a pint with the proceeds should we ever meet.

If you’re not interesting, give it a tweet at least!

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