I can’t get enough podcasts right now.

I still love the written word but after a full day of design and code my eyes need a rest (and probably a new test, now that I think about it).

Fearing I’d been overlooking a few I asked Twitter — thanks for the replies! Below is a compilation of my favourite shows and a few suggestions.

Boagworld was the first web industry podcast I ever listened to. I’m a huge fan of Paul’s video and audio blogging, something I wish others would emulate. Why do I only type? Might change that habit this year…

Having recently “gone freelance” * I’m finding Unfinished Business with Anna Debenham and Andy Clarke to be absolutely invaluable. It really couldn’t have arrived at a more useful time. It’s five episodes in and already ticked off most of the uncertainties I had starting a new web design business.

ShopTalk Show is always a good laugh with superb guests, as is Happy Monday.

Upfront Podcast and Back to Front Show are two dev-orientated podcasts I’m keeping an ear on. Both have been entertaining so far.

The East Wing with Tim Smith slipped under my radar but it’s bookmarked now.

5by5 and Twit both have a whole host of shows I regularly dive into.

Other Podcasts I need to catch up on are The Industry, BizCraftThe Non-Breaking Space Show and Breaking Development. I’m also looking forward to what Rachel Shillcock has in store for Beyond Ink.

Anything I’m missing your favourite? I’m all ears.

* I quit an awesome job to offer my skills independently — booking projects now!

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