Thanks for a Great Year!

2013 has been a fun year, one of the most eventful of my career. Usually I like to round up with a review of my work but with several projects launching in January, I’ll hold off until then. This is a short thank you to my clients and fellow web workers who have supported me throughout the year. In February I left London and set up shop as a freelance web designer / front-end developer. It’s been a blast! Thanks again.

I’m not sure what 2014 has in store but please do get in touch if you have a project to kick off. This year I’ve worked alongside both agencies and clients, from full website designs to small JavaScript projects. Going forward I’m positioning myself more towards bigger client work delivering the full strategy, responsive design and front-end dev process. This is where I can offer most value applying my skill and knowledge.

Perfect Clients

I’m especially happy about how well clients have taken to my workflow. Gone are the traditional deliverables and waterfall sign-off stages one might have experienced in the past. I work in short iterations, evolving ideas between the browser and other medium. This has really helped everyone, myself included, understand where design is going and provide helpful input from individual expertise. It’s easy to manage time and I get so much more out of these hours.

While it can be scary at first this process quickly alleviates the mystery of web development. Progress is obvious and actionable.

Improving Workflow

Being able to update clients almost daily with new design iterations to experience across browsers and devices is the ultimate goal. Occasionally I’ve opted for temporary code to illustrate an idea resulting in refactor time later. Reducing effort to maintain a tidy codebase is key. I’m always looking to better my use of CSS pre-processors, HTML templating, and other automated tools. I also look forward to introducing new exercises to help unravel the mysteries of responsive design with clients and their business.

Anyway — see you next year!

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