Introducing Tales

For the last few weeks I’ve been working on a little project that I’m excited to announce. That project is called Tales and it’s available today.

Tales WordPress theme preview

Tales is a responsive WordPress theme tailored for a beautiful reading experience. Its strength and design principle can be summed up in one word; simplicity. Visit the Tales Demo website to see a basic install in action.


What makes Tales so special? First and foremost the theme has been designed with an unwavering focus on content and readability. Tales CSS makes use of em units for all sizing and media queries. This ensures font size honours the user defined browser setting and everything scales proportionally (see: “The EMs have it”).

Mobile and Legacy Browsers

Tales has been built on solid foundations. A top notch experience is in store for the latest browsers. More importantly older versions like IE7, iOS 3.0, and Android 2.2 aren’t far of the pace.

Tales WordPress theme across mobile devices

And my all time favourite browser, Internet Explorer 7:

Tales WordPress theme in IE7

Not too shabby, right?

Responsive Design

There’s not a great deal to write about here that you can’t see for yourself. The style of navigation is a notable choice. I decided to go fixed and off-canvas to give unity across all devices. I find it works very well for Tales’ blog format where long, individual pages views are common.

The design aligns to two complimentary grids and a loose baseline within the main content. Five major breakpoints were used to adapt to screen size.

Tales WordPress theme grid design

Like what you see? Visit the Tales website for more info on the theme. I’ve also set up an email newsletter for my side projects. Get signed up!

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