Private GitHub and JavaScript Imports

Are you using GitHub as a poor CDN?

For example I could import my new VelociRouter project:

import {Router} from '';

The GitHub URL is even versioned using a git tag. However, is not a good CDN because it lacks appropriate cache headers and it serves code with a text/plain content type. Regardless, it’s still a useful place to publish code during development, even using private repositories.

If you try to access a private GitHub repo URL you’ll see a ?token= query string attached. These tokens are short-lived, maybe 10 minutes, after which the URL returns 404. It’s possible to create a longer lasting token to use with import and fetch.

BTW: VelociRouter is now public and published as a 3rd party Deno module and as velocirouter-js on NPM. More on that in another post!

GitHub Token

The first thing you need is a GitHub token. The newer “Fine-grained token” is the least privileged and can be locked down to specific repos. GitHub likes to move settings but you can currently find that under:

Settings > Developer Settings > Personal access tokens > Fine-grained tokens

The only permission you need to select is “Contents” with “Access: Read-only”. This will automatically select “Metadata” as an additional mandatory permission.

GitHub access token permissions

Token Usage

You can test it with curl:

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer github_pat_XXX"

Add a real URL of course. You can fetch anything:

const token = 'github_pat_XXX';
const url = '';
const response = await fetch(url, {
  headers: {
    authorization: `Bearer ${token}`

Deno has the DENO_AUTH_TOKENS env variable. See Private Modules and Repositories for documentation. This can be added to the shell environment:

export DENO_AUTH_TOKENS="[email protected]"

Deno uses this token when importing modules from that URL hostname. Other sources can be added using a semi-colon delimiter.

There is probably a way to do this with Node but package dependencies and ES modules in Node are a mess I don’t care to work with.

I’ve found this useful for GitHub actions when I run build scripts that need access to private repos. Tokens can last up to a year, plenty long enough to forget it exists and wonder why the build has broken.

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