Edgar Mueller – 3D Art

Last week I posted about the Art Festival this month at West India Quay. At the moment you can see this great 3D pavement drawing by Edgar Mueller. Sadly I think the thunderstorms of the past weekend have washed it slightly but nevertheless it’s still very impressive.

Drawing perspective correctly is incredibly challenging because anything lower than perfection can quickly look amateurish. Reminds me of an art class many years ago when I spent the whole lesson drawing a portrait of myself (with a mirror) on an A2 piece of paper. I was sat reclined in my chair the whole hour and when I stood up and saw myself at the correct angle I had a very elongated head. A lesson learnt.

See more of Edgar Mueller’s work on his website metanamorph.com.

Edgar Mueller 3D Street Art at West India Quay - July 2009

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