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Tales WordPress theme is now free

Tales is a WordPress theme I developed early last year to show that responsive design and legacy browser support are not mutually exclusive. For the few months that I sold Tales it provided a small but welcome side income (considering my lack of advertising). Today I’m happy to announce that Tales is now free to download […]

Accelerated Mobile Pages

The AMP Project is an initiative by Google to improve the “mobile web”. Accelerated Mobile Pages are an alternate version of their corresponding, canonical web page. They’re still HTML but limited — check the spec. The best way to understand Accelerated Mobile Pages is to see them in action: The BBC News website has implemented AMP, screenshotted […]

September Update

Good afternoon! So it’s been a while since I last blogged. Turns out buying a home takes longer than I imagined! When I left London in 2012, I moved back in with my parents (temporarily) to embark upon a freelance career. Work has been steady, not easy, but rewarding and I’m much happier out of […]

Real-Life Responsive Web Design

Last week I had the opportunity to read “Real-Life Responsive Web Design”, the fifth book in the Smashing Book series. Usually with books like this I will skip to the chapters that immediately catch my eye. This time was different, they all sounded fascinating — and they were! I read the book cover to cover in […]

Social Profiles

My website navigation now links to my GitHub and CodePen profiles, alongside Twitter. A long overdue change. It was embarrassing to be rocking the Google+ link. I never used Google+, I don’t even use Facebook, but it was useful to get my face alongside search results. That feature disappeared some time ago and thus the […]

Order: HTML vs CSS

Content should follow a logical top-to-bottom order within HTML. CSS is used to change the visual presentation of this content across different viewports. On small viewports — mobile phones for example — a vertical layout that mimics the HTML order is generally a safe default. For wider viewports it is common to introduce more complex layout […]

WordPress to Metalsmith

NEW: React as a Static Site Generator I now used React instead of Metalsmith. See my new approach above! It’s a busy work schedule that is usually to blame for my lack of written output on this blog. That was not the case last month! Downtime As you may have noticed, my website has been […]