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It’s all over!

I started the daily photo project back on the 1st January (obviously) with plans to take a photo every day until 2011. Things were going well, that is until day 61. About 12 minutes after midnight I realised in a state of panic/relief that Day 60 did not have a photo. It’s surprising just how disappointing […]

1000 Cranes

A new project! The other week I was indirectly reminded (via twitter, obviously) about a previous obsession with Origami. To satisfy a sudden resurging demand to fold everything in half I picked up a few sheets of origami paper - and that was that. Well today a package arrived from Hong Kong along with a horrifying flash-back […]

Olympus E-P1

Ever since I started the daily photo project I’ve been looking to buy a digital camera. The iPhone’s camera has been surprisingly good but it doesn’t hold up to serious goat photography (scroll down). [photo was lost to time…] My choice came down to a toss up between the Olympus E-P1 (above) and the Panasonic Lumix GF1. […]

In search of Atlantis

Every get that feeling you’re out of the loop? People know something you don’t? I’ve been in London for closer to 2 years now, so it was starting to get slightly embarrassing that the nearest arts superstore I could recommend was over 200 miles away. Thankfully I’d heard rumours that the east-end housed my answer (evidence […]

First Thursday

Man, this month has been hectic! [photo was lost to time…] When I’m not at work I’m busy trying to finish an in-depth article on the future of interactive design (featuring the iPad :-). The delay might be a good thing because there has been a some excellent articles on the subject in the past couple days […]

Week in Film

So this arrived from the States today: [photo was lost to time…] Lemonade Movie (more info here). It’s the feel-good movie of the recession, following 16 creative-types who were laid off and decided to embrace a life they were missing. Odd coincidence that the UK recession died today. The press will have to find another source of fear […]


Look what arrived today! Typographic Conundrums by Harry Pearce. [photo was lost to time…] This awesome little book is full of typographic conundrums that need to be visually decoded into revealing a common saying or phrase. Very clever in their wit and simplicity. I was lucky enough to attend Cumbria University where Harry Pearce was asked to give a […]