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UX and Privacy

I bought a Samsung Galaxy Nexus — running Google’s Android 4.0, ICS — several months ago. I ditched the iPhone 4 just past half way through my contract, and you know what? This is the best user experience I’ve had on a phone to date. But this blog post isn’t about a phone. It’s about Google, […]

Browser Support? Forget It!

What is meant by “browser support” when creating a website? Ensuring it is accessible by a browser is what I like to think of. Others may dream of pixel-perfection. Whatever “support” entails, browsers that don’t make the cut are universally ignored with much delight and little chance of being usable. It’s common practice to maintain a list […]

Spring Cleaning

May 2011 — I redesigned my website (this website) with the primary goal of making it responsive. I was happy with the result and it has served me well, but it also lacked some of the finesse of previous iterations. Never being satisfied, I deciding to partake in a little spring cleaning. Well, a little turned into […]

Designing OS’s

Earlier this week Apple announced OS X Mountain Lion which brings closer unity between itself and iOS for mobile. Both in user experience and—sadly—user interface. I can’t say I’m particularly excited about upgrading to OS X 10.8. The heavily stylised and textured design already looks tired on mobile apps, now we have the pleasure of it […]

Are You Sure? The UX of Confirmations

Imagine for a minute your web app has a “Delete” action. In HTML it takes this form: The anchor is styled up with sexy CSS3 and functionality is implemented with an asynchronous JavaScript API call. Because we all care about accessibility (and standards) we provide a “no-JS” fallback: Lovely! It’s great to build on top of what works. “Web […]

Resolution Independence!

One of my thoughts for Web Design: 2012 and Beyond concerned the issues of screen resolution and the necessity for scalable graphics on the web. As part of that thinking I’ve written a piece for Smashing Magazine entitled Resolution Independence with SVG: When we look at the breadth of Web-enabled devices, responsive design is sure to provide a better […]

Device Optimisation

Device optimisation is about accessing a website on one set up and fine-tuning the experience. It could be Internet Explorer 7 on a mediocre PC, the iPhone 4000, a generic and underpowered Android tablet, or a web-enabled HD 3D TV. Whatever the set up, ask: how can I make this one experience better? The idea is […]