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I’ve Only Gone and Redesigned my Website, Again

This is the tenth iteration of my website in about as many years. It’s hard to keep track. I have the old versions on ice somewhere (and a project in mind). My last redesign back in 2016 – that seems so long ago! – was a fairly large rebrand. Overall I’m happy with the job I […]

Turn the Pi-hole Admin Dashboard into a Progressive Web App

Pi-hole describes itself as “A black hole for Internet advertisements”. I think the GitHub description is more apt: The Pi-hole® is a DNS sinkhole that protects your devices from unwanted content … Fewer ads are nice, but tracker and malware blocking at the LAN DNS level is nicer. Pi-hole is the first install of my self-hosted adventure. The […]

Hardware and Self Hosting

Today my main computer is a Mac Mini 2018. Quite likely the last Mac I’ll buy for day-to-day work. I’d like it to last a little longer than previous ones. Following Apple’s ARM chip announcement I have my doubts about future support. Here’s my office setup: I was a dual-monitor person for years. That changed […]

PWA Encryption and Auto Sign-in

Mute Swan is a progressive web app I’ve been coding for my own amusement. It’s a playground for me to mess around with experimental web standards. Also to remind myself to buy milk. I’ve recently implemented hidden Dropbox backup and sync functionality. With that in place I decided that my grocery list was of […]

Bubblewrap Apps in Android Studio

Bubblewrap is a convenient tool to generate an Android app from a Progressive Web App. I used it to bundle my PWA recently. It’s run from the command line: Bubblewrap generates the build config and assets for the app. Continuing with bubblewrap build results in an .apk if you’ve installed the Android build tools. I opted to open […]

WordPress Gutenberg Example Blocks

Following my last article I’ve published a new GitHub repo: WordPress Gutenberg Example Blocks In there I’ve coded examples of Gutenberg block development wrapped up in a tidy WordPress plugin you can try out. I start with the most basic block possible. I follow with iterations of more advanced functionality. I’ve kept the boilerplate and dependencies to a […]

WordPress Gutenberg: React & Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)

The new WordPress Gutenberg editor has been in release for over a year. Post content is composed of “blocks”. Everything is a block. From the humble paragraph to the more advanced gallery and video embed — all blocks. There are two common methods to create Gutenberg blocks. The first is to follow the offical handbook. Blocks and […]