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PWA: Progressive Web Apps

This website – – or if you like redirects – is now a progressive web app! What does that mean? Don’t let the fancy initialism deceive you. PWAs are websites first and foremost. But they can be installed like an app. What is meant by “app” depends on where it’s installed. As of writing […]

React & Redux - Internationalisation

Internationalisation, i18n, localisation – whatever you prefer – can be tricky if your code does not support the ability to translate user interface text. When writing React it’s easy to hard-code UI text right into the JavaScript. This is not good if your website or app needs to support multiple languages. Even if you only support […]

CodePen Snippets

I’ve started a new Code Snippets collection on CodePen. It will be populated with the little and sometimes peculiar CSS techniques I’ve used. Mostly CSS but with occasional JavaScript sprinkles. Progressively enhanced, of course. Stuff like this styled range input: See the Pen Styled input range (slider/progress) by David Bushell (@dbushell) on CodePen. Who would have guessed each […]

Hello Twenty Eighteen

In 2018 I’ll be celebrating 10 years as a professional. I graduated in 2008. I hopped on a train to London and spent five years with two agencies. In 2013 I dusted off my return ticket and headed back up North. I’ve been freelancing ever since. My first office was the window end of my parent’s […]

Raspberry Pi + e-Paper module + Node.js

A few weeks ago I was digging through storage and I found an original Raspberry Pi. When I’d bought it years ago interest was lost rather quickly. I wasn’t as comfortable with a Unix command line as I am today. The Raspberry Pi / Arduino / single-board computer ecosystem has exploded since then. Maybe I can […]

#TIFU by deleting my work

Ever get that feeling you’ve lost something? I’ve long been a paying user of CodePen. It’s nice for sharing snippets, quick mock-ups, or messing around with code. CodePen Projects is a newish addition. It provides a more complete development environment. A mini-project came along for a client that gave me the perfect excuse to try CodePen Projects. Development […]

SSH Passphrases in MacOS Sierra (and learning Vim)

Managing SSH keys for remote repositories ain’t easy to grok. “Multiple Accounts and SSH Keys” is to no suprise one of my most popular articles. It’s still relevant and I have to refer to it myself at least once a year. Recently MacOS began requesting my passphrase with every Git push and pull. That is not productive. The solution is two […]