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Finding the right style

At Base Creative we’re doing a series of blog posts and video blogs (“vlogs” - I’m not sure that’ll catch on) about our website design strategy. That’s the process we go through with our clients and especially the initial meetings. In my latest post I discuss a specific technique we use in the strategy meeting: One way which […] v4

Eagle-eyed viewers may notice that is looking a bit different! I haven’t gone for a full overhaul just a little realigning, better typography and a new logo-thingy. My old design has served me very well over the last year - it was featured on quite a few design blogs. But it was looking a bit […]

Designing Obama

Look what arrived today: Click here to see and read more!

From May’s Edition

If you aren’t following my other blog (Design Heroes) you missed out on all these awesome links: Usable Efficiency Usable Efficiency is a new video blog with the aim of helping you improve websites with very practical and knowledgeable tips. Definitely one for the RSS reader. PEN Giant One of the more superficial reasons I bought my Olympus PEN […]

Pentagram Marks

I just so happened to feature the book Pentagram Marks on Design Heroes a few weeks ago. Now that I’ve recieved a copy (birthday present) I though it deserved a full review! Click above, or read below: My review of Pentagram Marks * Pentagram Marks arrived in the post this week! The book is delightfully smallish in stature […]

Minimalist HTML?

As part of the ongoing Design Heroes project we’ve started to include longer reviews with juicier content! The latest feature is on web designer and strategist Giuseppe Scappaticcio and his glorious website (and it’s source!). Read the review on Design Heroes, see a snippet below: “Really conserve your HTML as if it’s a non-renewable source. Give […]

7 things I hate about…

Website Design and Development! I started writing a blog about all the cool things being a web designer has to offer, i.e. ever changing technologies (slicker browsers, screens with pixels pushed closer together, HTML5, CSS3 with shadows and rounded corners everywhere etc). But then I figured people have already done a better job than I could […]

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